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Discovering a better you and building happier relationships!



RightPath® Behavioral Profiles



RightPath Behavioral Profiles are used to assist individuals, couples, and teams to build greater effectiveness, harmony and teamwork for success.


Healthy, cohesive relationships leverage their giftedness to produce greater results. This is particularly true in marriage where teamwork is essential for developing marital oneness.






  • RightPath Behavioral Profiles accurately capture the strengths and limitations of individuals and relationships. Used individually or in combination, both profiles allow the users to view themselves and others from a fresh, new perspective. User-friendly, graph and text reports relate the individual's scores to one of 16 commonly occurring blended profile patterns and provide feedback on typical strengths and struggles of that profile.
  • This report also can be used by couples and teams to promote harmony and cooperation, as members learn about their individual differences.
  • Mutual respect, trust, and effective communications can be increased significantly as team members gain insight into their different styles and associated strengths and struggles.
  • People can be the most successful when they understand and maximize the positive aspects of their own natural and unique styles.
  • Has been established as a valid and reliable instrument for measuring normal behavioral traits.
  • Recognizes that every person is special and will have a unique style.
  • Emphasizes that there are no good or bad behavioral profiles.
  • Describes general traits that are typical for people who receive similar scores.
  • Should be personalized since all statements may not apply to all people.
  • Describes normal behavioral traits only such as, 



DOMINANCE Confident, self-reliant, naturally wants to take the lead and control the agenda. Results oriented.

EXTROVERSION A naturally outgoing person who enjoys meeting strangers; enthusiastic and good at networking.

COMPASSION Objective and not afraid to make difficult decisions; likes to move ahead at a fast pace.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS Likes to be accurate, organized, and prepared; naturally follows rules and prefers structure and predictability.

ADVENTUROUSNESS Mid-Range Score. Average drive and spirit of adventure but usually prefers not to be a high risk taker.

INNOVATION Mid-Range Score. Will use a mixture of abstract andconcrete ideas to solve problems and initiate change.






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