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Dr. Dale Blog Posts

Dr. Dale Blog Posts

Abandoned by God

Posted by Dr Dale Goodman on August 4, 2014 at 6:45 AM

Abandoned by God by Dale Goodman

Our lives can be extremely difficult, painful and depressing. It’s reality. It’s been part of my life’s journey too. Often, it doesn’t make sense and we feel abandoned and betrayed by God.


‘God where are you? How could you let this happen? If you loved me, you would have prevented this divorce, job loss or health issue. ‘


My only way of surviving these types of experiences was not turning away from but to God. It seems easy to blame and turn against God as the problem maker. We literally throw God under the bus. However, does this really seem to work? If there is one lesson I have learned in these broken times of life, is my desperate need for him. It is during these times we feel God is throwing us under the bus, that we need to stay the course with him. Personally, I have to cling to his every word from the Word for my sanity, serenity and security.


I have endured, struggled and seen God make up for the years the locusts have eaten away. I needed to trust that God was in control, leading me to something I didn’t understand. Stay faithful to the One who “works all things for the good of those who love him and have been called for His purposes.” You will get through this. It may not be the way you are hoping, but in the end, you will have grown in your faith, fortitude and blessings from God.


Let God lead you. Do everything you can to follow Him with a good spirit and attitude. God knows you. He knows what has happened in your life. Time will often reveal his purposes. Be patient. Be reliant upon Him in the journey. Believe. Begin. Become.

Below are two excerpts from Jesus Calling (July 5) that were helpful to me, possibly these may help you too.


“You will never be in control of your life circumstances, but you can relax and trust in My control. Instead of striving for a predictable, sage lifestyle, seek to know Me in greater depth and breadth.” Young, S. (2004). Jesus Calling. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

“I long to make your life a glorious adventure, but you must stop clinging to old ways… Be on the lookout for all that I have prepared for you.” Young, S. (2004). Jesus Calling. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

God's heart for you today: “Let Me guide your life. I know the way you should take. I am your guide. Trust Me. Lean not on your own understanding. Trust Me. Let go of past hurts. Judge not. I will be the judge. Let it go. Be free. Stay humble. I am leading your life. I have a plan. I will get you there. Lean not, but lean on Me. I am the way the truth and the life. My plans are good. Stay faithful. Stay focused. It will all pay off. Get your eyes off yesterday. Press on. Focus today on Me. I will take care of you. Believe. Trust Me.” God



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